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No longer worry about class time and location. You can learn whenever and wherever you like.

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More than ten subjects to choose from in exchange for quality teaching at a reasonable price

Film courses Real-life courses are chosen by Jun

We offer live instruction online by live tutors, as well as video courses that students can watch at any time, and students can choose what they like

Excellent team of foreign teachers

Our teachers are highly vetted and can find the best teacher for you, regardless of the class

Free textbooks and after-school videos are available

In addition to real-time teaching on the live tutor line, students' absences can also provide videos for after-school review. At the same time, we also offer free teaching materials, students do not need to purchase additional

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Teaching Video

Demonstration of Children's English Class

Format: Zoom Live Course
Content: English conversation, vocabulary learning, practice
Student: 12 years of age or younger

Strength guarantees your best choice

Number of students and number of completed classes

Each of our teachers has taught at least 1,000 classes, and there are countless students who have completed classes at Couch Potato Education and passed internationally recognized exams.

Number of classes completed
Our students

July to August, additional courses will be introduced

Online Primary English courses

Online English courses (grammar, writing, conversation, reading)

How to take classes: Zoom live lessons
Target audience: Students aged 6-12
Course Dates: All classes start on March 1st
1 session of 10 sessions, $1200 per session ($1080 before 1/3 early bird discount)

Including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other language courses and Chinese and English remedial courses

Course selection

We offer online group courses and one-on-one courses for 2 people

Online IELTS Courses / Online HKDSE Courses / Online Primary and Secondary School Subjects / Online Children’s Courses / Online Adult English / Online Mandarin / Online Japanese Courses / Online Korean Courses / Online French Courses / Online Spanish Courses / Online German Courses

Online language courses

Suitable for children and adults up to 3 years of age, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and many other language courses

Online remedial courses

Complementary courses suitable for primary and secondary school students, such as Chinese and British numbers, aim at improving school performance and meeting public examinations

Class tools

We generally use Zoom for classes, but students can also use Skype/Google meeting/Microsoft teams if needed

The materials and exercises you need to use in class will be available on Google Drive or Google Classroom, as well as by teacher Email or WhatsApp

The positive reviews are so high| we have more than 1000 positive reviews| can not be recorded

Real student selection


To make up the left week, the writing score from 5.5 to 6, the course score from 5.5 to 6.5, the effect is amazing!

Kit Yee Lam

Hong Kong Students - One-week IELTS course


The teacher is very patient waiting for me to think, and intimately repeat the sentence I just said to help me remember and supplement the extension and organization, will also share her own experience to guide the next dialogue and discussion, in the process also point out my advantages and adjust the next class content, a short period of time to resolve my tension, let me rest assured that the use of my limited English expression ability. It feels great! Thank you, teacher!


Taiwan Students - Adult Daily English Class


The teacher taught very well, very hard to accommodate the extent of my child, design the lesson plan according to his level, and teach my children very carefully and slowly. Try to make me primary school Must promote her Will also subscribe to a lot of courses!


Parents of students - English classes in primary schools

The class starts immediately in 3 easy steps

The course process

Easy 3 steps to start classes immediately, any questions can be emailed or press WhatsApp at the bottom right to contact us in real time.

Find the right course for you, if you do not know your level, you can first complete the free level test, and then choose the appropriate degree of class.

We will provide a free 15-minute course consultation, and you will be contacted immediately after registration to provide study suggestions, arrange placement and payment arrangements.

About a week before class will email the Zoom link, class time on time into the classroom can start class!

One-on-one courses

Available in all languages, available for 25 or 50 minutes
$ 1130 10 sessions in 25 minutes
  • Choose a time date, fixed or flexible time
  • Self-selecting teachers and tailor-made courses
  • Free textbooks, whatsApp teachers ask after class

One-to-two courses

Available in all languages, available for 25 or 50 minutes
$ 1440 10 sessions in 25 minutes
  • Choose a time date, fixed or flexible time
  • Self-selecting teachers and tailor-made courses
  • Free textbooks, whatsApp teachers ask after class

Group or self group of 3 or more people

Available in all languages, 50-minute course
$ 1200 10 sessions 50 minutes
  • Fixed weekly classes
  • Fix teachers and courses
  • Free textbooks, whatsApp teachers ask after class

Suitable for all subjects of different ages

Book a free student consultation

  • After registering, users can log in online in real time and book a 15-minute free consultation
  • All questions about the course and learning the language can be answered in the interview
  • Someone will contact you after booking!


Our platform is 100% online teaching platform, divided into real-time real-time courses and film courses for real-life tutors. Real-time classes for real-time tutors use zoom, and students can use other tools such as Skype, google meeting, and Microsoft teams if needed.

The film course is the students buy classes directly into the account to watch the course.

1. Learn with fun

Whether adults or children, we want to provide interesting classrooms where all students can progress in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

2. Excellent mentor team

Our tutors are rigorously vetted, and all are university majors in this subject, or study abroad, or foreign native speakers.

3. Multiple account selections

We offer courses in different languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish, in addition to English. Each language can choose the categories it wants to learn, such as exams, daily conversations, business language, and so on.

4. The customer-made recommendation system

Too many mentors don’t know how to choose? We have someone to serve you, just write down your learning needs and teacher requirements, within minutes to recommend the best mentor for you.

All new students can enroll in the experience class at a preferential price for the first time using our website, and the one-on-one trial class only costs HKD$100 (25 minutes) or HKD$200 (50 minutes) per class, and students can first experience the form of the class and the teacher’s teaching method, and the teacher can also understand the degree of the classmates first.

But if you really want to cancel the course after signing up, all courses can be fully refunded 7 days before the start of class!

After you find a course you want to enroll in online, you can add a shopping cart, if you pay by credit card, fill out the course registration form below the shopping cart page after payment, and you will be contacted within 2-3 working days to confirm the course.

If you choose Bank Transfer/PayMe/Transfer Fast, you will need a WhatsApp/Signal/Email receipt to us after payment and you will confirm your registration in real time.

You will receive a zoom link and login password 2-3 days before class.

At least 12 hours before each class can ask the teacher for leave, such as one-on-one classes can apply with the teacher to make up the class, but the time to make up the class needs to be booked within one week.

If it is a self-organizing small class, if all the students are unable to attend, then you need to apply for leave at least 3 days before class and then apply for a replacement class.

In the case of general group courses, there will be no remedial classes, but you can ask your teacher for leave before class and you can get a film after class.