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We have the best team of tutors who are native speakers. Our aim is to get rid of the traditional way of learning, enjoy the fun of learning, combine entertainment with learning, greatly enhance students’ interest in learning, and see results in just 3 months!

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Selection of Online English Courses

IELTS 雅思網上課程 網上IELTS課程

IELTS Test Preparation Class

  • All listening, speaking, reading and writing skills covered
  • Master the direction of exam preparation, rapidly improve scores, and achieve the target score!
  • Class materials and practice test papers provided
  • Improve 0.5 mark in 3 months

Adults' English Course

  • Cater to the needs of students
  • Comprehensively improve your English proficiency, covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening skills
  • Variety of teaching materials and self-prepared notes
  • Tailored according to the students’ levels and requirements

Children's English Course

  • Suitable for primary and secondary school students of different ages
  • Enhances children’s learning interest through various methods such as games, storytelling, drawing, videos, etc
  • Comprehensively improve children’s vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening skills
網上影片課程 成人日常英文A2程度

Online Video Course

  • Flexible classes: learn at anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited review of class videos
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Comprehensively improve your English proficiency, covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening skills
Couch Potato Education

Improve your language level in just 3 months!

One-to-one customised courses

Our language courses are taught one-to-one. After the trial class, the courses will be customised according to the level and needs of the students to ensure students can progress in the courses.

Study anywhere and anytime

All our courses are conducted online. Students can adjust the lesson time according to their own needs and study easily at home, without worrying about travelling to the class.

Free learning materials provided

We provide free teaching materials, including e-books and exercises created by teachers, which means students do not need to pay for additional materials.

Couch Potato Education

About Connie

Founder of Couch Potato Education, online English tutor

網上英文老師 Connie


English, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin

【Students’ achievements】

 🌟 Helped over 50 students achieve their desired scores in IELTS (e.g., 5 speaking sessions improved from 6.0 to 6.5; 10 sessions in reading and listening improved to 8).)

🌟 Assisted students in successfully passing various job interviews, including IT, accounting, finance, and civil service interviews.

🌟 Guided students to successfully pass interviews for different schools (universities and secondary schools) in countries such as the UK, the USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

【About Connie】

  • 🌟Founder of Couch Potato Education
  • 🌟Master’s degree in Music from the University of Liverpool
  • 🌟TESOL International English Teacher Certification and IPA Teacher Certificate
  • 🌟Seven years of experience in online, school, educational centre, and private one-on-one teaching
  • 🌟Collaborating with primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong as an English class teacher
  • 🌟Collaborating with primary and secondary schools in the UK to teach Chinese
  • 🌟Work experience in both the UK and the USA, having travelled to over 30 countries using English
  • 🌟Passionate about language learning, capable of using Cantonese and Mandarin for teaching, and currently learning Korean and German
  • 🌟Achieved Level 2 Certificate in Putonghua Proficiency Test
  • 🌟Can teach Cantonese and Cantonese phonetics
  • 🌟Conducted over 4000 class, taught more than 400 students👑

【Exclusive bonuses for course purchase】

    • Customised courses tailored to students’ proficiency, preferences, interests, needs, and age
    • Personalised teaching materials provided for each session, eliminating the need for students to purchase additional notes
    • Free post-lesson support for course-related questions via Line/WhatsApp
    • Facebook Group created for students to interact, exchange learning information, and share experiences

Introduction video

Teaching video

Reviews from 400 students

Connie has been conducting classes online since 2019. During these years, she has taught over 400 students, completed more than 4000 sessions, and accumulated 3500 teaching hours. Below are excerpts of actual achievements and reviews from some of her students.

Connie's English 網上英文課程 網上英文老師
Connie's English Online English courses

Specialised IELTS techniques
Improve 0.5mark in 3 months!

Connie offers these English courses:

  1. IELTS Preparation Class
  2. Everyday and business English courses for adults
  3. English course for children
  4. IPA 

Pass International Language Test
at Once

100% passing rate of the exam, allowing children to pass the exam easily in an interesting learning environment!


1-to-1 class 25 minutes



1-to-1 class 50 minutes



Group class (2-6 people)


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Our course fees vary based on the course and its duration. We offer competitive and affordable pricing. You may check the prices for each courses on our website.

Our courses are taught by experienced language instructors using interactive teaching methods. These methods involve classroom exercises, role-playing, group discussions, and more. We also offer personalised learning plans to meet each student’s learning style and needs.

Connie is an experienced language tutor with extensive teaching experience and specialised language expertise. Please click here for more details.

Sure, before the course begins, we offer a trial lesson for students to understand the course and teaching methods. If you decide to enrol in the course after the trial lesson, the fee for the trial lesson will be deducted from the course fee, which means you can get one lesson for free. Click here to book a trial class.

Sure, our one-to-one courses offer personalised learning plans tailored to each student’s learning style and needs. If you have specific learning requirements, please contact us, and we’ll customise the course based on your needs.

Our courses are suitable for students of different ages, ranging from 3 to 80 years old. There are no restrictions on proficiency levels. Students from beginners to advanced levels are welcome

Yes, we offer post-lesson learning support, including Q&A sessions, notes, and review materials. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our instructors or customer service representatives at any time.

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