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Practical Spanish courses

New Spanish courses, one-on-one and small classes, according to student preferences and degrees to choose the right course, easy to learn the world’s third largest language, Qué genial!

Adult Spanish courses are taught by Spanish language experts, with tutors speaking Spanish as their mother tongue, and some completing Spanish education with extensive teaching experience. Mentors will adjust the difficulty of the teaching curriculum according to the needs of the students, so that students can be more comfortable. The course will also cover more courses on basic grammar, advanced vocabulary, and Spanish writing. At the same time, with the help of one-on-one or small classes, students have more opportunities to have classroom discussions with their teachers or peers, which can help improve the efficiency of learning Spanish.

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  • Course A1 (Introductory Level):Able to understand and use daily familiar, specific expressions and very basic statements related to their preferences, they can introduce or ask or answer information about themselves or others about themselves, such as place of residence, interpersonal relationships, possessions, and can only react in a simple way to slow and clear conversations with others.
  • Course A2 (Elementary):Ability to understand expressions or phrases that are often used in the environment that is closest to oneself, such as very basic personal and family information, shopping, regional geography, and employment, simple and routine work that can communicate with people, which usually requires simple and direct daily information, and learners at this level can describe their background and the things closest to their environment in crude words.
  • B1 Course (Intermediate):Be able to understand familiar things such as work, study environment, leisure environment, etc., be able to respond to various possible situations when traveling in the language-using area, can also provide simple relevant information about things that interest or know you, and can also describe experiences, events, dreams, wishes and ambitions, and can make a brief explanation of your opinions or plans.
  • B2 Course (Intermediate to Advanced):Ability to understand the concrete and abstract thrust of complex passages, including skillful discussion of their own specialized areas, and natural and fluent interaction with native speakers of the language. Clear, detailed text can be spoken on a wide range of topics, and explanations and pros and cons can be proposed for a topic, or a variety of ideas.

Course details

Number of classes: 1 session per week, 50 minutes per session

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: one-on-one, one-on-two or group teaching (3-10 per class)

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Course objectives

1. Let students use The Western language as a second language

2. Classroom discussions enable students to use them in real time

3. Daily language and dialogue use

4. Students have a better understanding of Western and Latin American culture

Course materials

The Practical Spanish for Adults course uses the Aula Internacional series of teaching materials, accompanied by home-made notes and exercises by the teacher. The Spanish for Kids course uses the Lola y Leo series of teaching materials, accompanied by the teacher’s own notes and exercises.

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