Spanish courses

New Spanish courses, one-on-one and small classes, according to student preferences and degrees to choose the right course, easy to learn the world’s third largest language, Qué genial!

Number of classes: 1-2 sessions per week, 50 minutes each

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group courses, 3-10 adults per class, 3-8 children per class

Tuition: $1400/10 (all ages and degrees applicable)


Spanish lessons for children

Our children’s Spanish courses are easy and fun to play to generate interest in learning, allowing children to learn to describe pictures and learn to read single words.

For children who have difficulty concentrating on their studies for a long time, tutors will make students interested in Spanish through teaching materials such as games, short films and pictures, and let children learn in the process of happiness.

At the same time, learning the pronunciation of a foreign language from an early age, can prevent children from producing or mixing other accents, for learning pronunciation is not easy to pronounce Spanish, is very effective.

Course objectives:

  1. Mainly improve children’s interest in learning Spanish and speaking ability
  2. Establish standard Spanish pronunciation from an early age

The best time to learn a language is when you are a child, so from less children through short films, pictures and group games to learn, in a short period of 20 can use complete sentences to describe pictures

Course content:

  • Group games
  • Fun short films
  • tale


Adult Spanish courses

Adult Spanish courses are taught by Spanish language experts, with tutors speaking Spanish as their mother tongue, and some completing Spanish education with extensive teaching experience. Mentors will adjust the difficulty of the teaching curriculum according to the needs of the students, so that students can be more comfortable. The course will cover more courses on basic grammar, advanced vocabulary, and Spanish writing. At the same time, with the help of one-on-one or small classes, students have more opportunities to have classroom discussions with teachers or classmates, which can help improve the efficiency of learning Spanish.

Course objectives:

  1. Let students use The West Class as a second language
  2. Classroom discussions enable students to use them in real time
  3. Daily language and dialogue use
  4. Students have a better understanding of Western and Latin American culture

Course content:

  • Textbook teaching
  • Essay writing
  • Daily language conversation exercises
  • Grammar filling exercises
  • Group communication