Suitable for students preparing for the IELTS academic model or general group

IELTS course

Cover all listening, speaking, reading, writing part of the test skills, master the direction of test preparation, quickly improve the score, reach the target score! Provide class materials and test paper exercises, no additional purchase required

Number of classes: 1 session per week, 50 minutes per session

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group teaching, 3-10 people per class

Tuition: HKD$1200/10

Course objectives

1. According to the content of the IELTS examination, whether academic model or general group, students can improve their English proficiency in four papers, including reading, writing, speaking, grammar and listening.

2. Let students be well prepared to achieve the ideal score before the exam.

Course content

Academic model Academic/General Group General Training

6.5 points for the trial shift

7 points for the trial shift