Suitable for children aged 6-12 years

Greek lessons for children

Number of classes: 1-2 sessions per week, 50 minutes each

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group courses, 3-8 people per class

Tuition: $1400/10

Our children’s Greek courses are lighthearted and fun, drawing children’s interest in learning through games, allowing children to learn to describe pictures and learn words in the course.

For children difficult to concentrate on learning for a long time, tutors will be through games, short films and pictures and other teaching materials to let students take an interest in Greek, so that children in the process of happiness to learn.

At the same time, learning the pronunciation of a foreign language from an early age can prevent children from producing or mixing other accents, which is very effective for learning Greek, which is not easy to pronounce.

Course objectives

  1. Mainly improve children’s interest in learning Greek and speaking ability
  2. Establish the standard pronunciation of Greek from an early age

The best time to learn a language is when you are a child, so from less children through short films, pictures and group games to learn, in a short period of 20 can use complete sentences to describe pictures.

Course content

  • Different games
  • tale
  • Draw
  • Watch movies and other ways to attend classes

To improve children’s words, grammar, speaking, reading comprehension, writing skills and listening skills!


Suitable for all students over the age of 13

Greek language courses for teenagers and adults

Suitable for students who need to live/study/work abroad/all students who want to learn Greek in practical daily life, to improve the level of Greek, including grammar, vocabulary, spoken Language, reading comprehension, writing skills, listening skills! A large number of different teaching materials and self-edited handouts, according to the degree of students and needs of arrangements

Number of classes: 1 session per week, 50 minutes per session

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group courses, 3-10 people per class

Tuition: HKD$1400/10

Course objectives

1. Practical use of life phrases and sentence patterns through different topics, accustomed to communicating in Greek

2. Comprehensive upgrading of Greek language skills, including grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc

3. Overcome the difficulty of not speaking Greek

Course content

Covers all topics of everyday life, including writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar.