Suitable for students who need to live/study/work abroad/all who want to learn practical daily life French, improve their French level in a comprehensive way, including grammar, vocabulary, spoken English, reading comprehension, writing skills, listening skills! A large number of different teaching materials and self-edited handouts, according to the degree of students and needs of arrangements

The French course is taught by a language expert, who is a native-speaking tutor or majoring in French and has extensive teaching experience. Mentors will be in accordance with the needs of students, adjust the difficulty of teaching courses, so that students more handy, and quickly keep up with the pace of the classroom, can provide you with the most recommended online French courses!

Number of classes: 1 session per week, 50 minutes per session

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group courses, 3-10 adults per class, 3-8 children per class

Tuition: HKD$1400/10


Covers all topics of everyday life, including writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar.

Classes such as discussions/games/role-playing/films with students in class require approximately 4 sessions per level.

Course content:

  • Textbook teaching
  • Group communication

A1 Course (Entry Level): Understand and use daily familiar, relevant and specific expressions and very basic statements to introduce or ask, answer, or answer your own or others’ information about individuals, such as place of residence, relationships, everything, and respond to others’ slow and clear conversations in a simple way.

A2 Course (Primary): Understand the expressions or statements that are often used in the environment closest to you, such as very basic personal and family information, shopping, regional geography, and employment, and the ability to communicate simple and routine tasks that often require only simple and direct daily information, and the ability of learners of this level to describe their background in crude terms, as well as things that are closest to their environment.

B1 Course (Intermediate): Be able to understand what you are familiar with at work, in your learning environment, in your leisure environment, and so on, and be able to respond to all possible situations when traveling in a region where you speak the language, or to provide simple, relevant information about what you are interested in or familiar with, as well as to describe experiences, events, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions, and to give a brief explanation of your opinions or plans.

B2 Course (Middle and Advanced): Understand the specific and abstract thrust of complex article passages, including skillfully discussing your specific areas and engaging naturally and fluidly with native speakers of the language. Clear, detailed text can be uttered on a wide range of topics, and interpretations and pros and cons can be presented for an issue, or a variety of ideas can be presented.