Suitable for students who need to live/study/work abroad/all students who want to learn practical daily life Japanese, to improve their Japanese proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, spoken Language, reading comprehension, writing skills, listening skills, and provide the most comprehensive Japanese language courses! A large number of different teaching materials and self-edited handouts, according to the degree of students and needs of arrangements

Number of classes: 1 session per week, 50 minutes per session

Class form: Video teaching

Number of people: Group courses, 3-8 children per class (over 6 years of age);

Tuition: HKD$1400/10

Course objectives

1. Practical use of life phrases and sentence patterns through different topics, accustomed to using Japanese communication

2. Comprehensively upgrade Japanese language skills, including grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc

3. 4 sessions overcome the difficulty of not speaking Japanese

Course content

Covers all topics of everyday life, including writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar

Discuss/game/role-play/film with classmates in class, etc

Basic courses

Beginner courses

Intermediate courses

Advanced courses