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Connie, founder of Couch Potato Education (CPE), is an English teacher herself, and after teaching many different students, she decided to create her own educational platform with the vision of “giving the world the opportunity to learn” and hoping that all students can learn anytime, anywhere.

January 2021

There are three things we aim at:

1. Entertainment is learning

2. Learn freely, anytime, anywhere

3. The price of a cup of coffee is guaranteed to be of high quality

Students learn easily anytime, anywhere

First, our goal is that students can easily learn anytime, anywhere, with a cup of coffee price for a different life, so that students know that learning can be very simple, learn those textbooks will not teach the knowledge, understand that learning is not remedial, not just for the examination, rather than watching a film in a cram school, it is better to study at home. At the same time, students can attend a 24-hour all-round school without going abroad.

Small classes and systematic teaching

Each class is about 2-6 people, ensuring that each student is cared for, while the mentor and the student can interact closely to maximize learning efficiency. Students can also choose one-on-one private classes, or self-organizing small classes, will be more targeted.

Our teachers will compile their own teaching materials and will use different types of teaching materials to assist in teaching.

Potato Education Couch Potato Education Below is a brief introduction to some of the teachers

Our team of teachers

Our tutors are rigorously screened to study in English-speaking countries or major in English, and have advanced teaching experience to ensure that the classroom remains of high quality.

🇭🇰 Connie

Founder of Potato Education and teacher of English, Mandarin and Cantonese

— Living in the United Kingdom and studying at the University of York, United States of York Master of Science
— Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Liverpool
– More than 6 years of teaching experience (schools, educational centers, private), teaching nearly 3000 classes, more than hundreds of students
–TESOL English teaching certificate and IPA (International Phonetic Label) teaching certificate
— Mandarin proficiency test secondary certificate
–Can teach Cantonese Pinyin

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🇬🇧 Natasha

English teacher

–Mother tongue tutors
— Full-time English teacher
– 15 years of Experience in English teaching and 5 years of teaching primary school experience
– Double degree (Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation and Education)
–TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, IELTS Professional Teaching Qualifications

🇺🇸 Janelle

English teacher

— More than 5 years of experience
–TEFL Certified IELTS Coach and Grammar Specialist
–The course will cover vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking exercises
–Be able to tailor the course to the needs of the students
–As a language teacher since 2016

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🇺🇸 Jodie-Ann

English teacher

— Native English tutor
— TEFL Professional Certified Mentor
— Miss Jodie, who majors in finance at the university, teaches business English
– 4 years of online and school English teaching experience
— Teach adult and child students from all over the world
— Take classes in a fun and fun way to increase the learning interest of all students

🇬🇷 Anna

English and Greek teachers

–A bachelor’s degree from Lincoln BSc (Hons), United Kingdom
–Master’s degree in Unversity of Essex MSc, UK
–Get 3 English majors, including the Cambridge English Test
–The mother tongue is Greek, but at the same time german and Korean can be spoken
–English and Greek can be taught, adults and children are welcome to class!

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🇺🇸 Chris

English and French teachers

– From the United States, graduated from Unversity of Delaware
5 years of teaching experience, including children and adults, teaching hundreds of Asian students to understand the difficulties of learning English in different regions
Fluent in French and can teach beginner French courses
– Easy and fun class, learning in entertainment

🇲🇴🇹🇼 Natalie winter

Korean teacher

안녕! I’m Natalie 🐘 winter

– From Macau and Taiwan, native speakers are Cantonese, Chinese and Taiwanese
– Take a Korean course at the School of Languages at Sung-ho University in Korea
– Department of Practical Music, Central University, Korea University of Table Arts, No
– KPOP major, Department of Broadcasting Performing Arts, Global Network University
(Bulletproof Youth League BTS and Idlib artist’s sister)
– Take courses in children’s education psychology
– Three years of teaching experience, including online Korean teaching and popular singing teaching
– Get a full scholarship from Korea Central University and a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of the Macao Government
– Year Representative of the Department of International Art, Korea Central University (Student Union)
– Professors from Global Network University recommend admission and receive scholarships

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🇭🇰 Kathy

Korean teacher

– Korean teacher level 3 course
– University of Foreign Chinese Korea (Translation)
– TOPIK Level 6 certificate
– Teaching experience of 4 years plus (from Entry to Advanced, TOPIK exam)
– 6 years of Korean-British-Chinese translation experience in Hong Kong and Korea (Korea Cosmetics Trading Company, Korea Pharmaceutical Company, Zhanbu Shop)
– Native Cantonese, fluent in Mandarin, English, Korean


Japanese teacher

– Japanese proficiency test N2 qualification;
– Master of Japanese Studies, Chinese University, Hong Kong;
– More than 1 year experience in Japanese media companies, was a travel editor of the Japanese publishing house, 3 years taught children Japanese and small class experience;
– Take you into the world of Japanese culture and Japanese from a shallow depth!

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🇪🇸 María. E.

Spanish teacher

— Hispanic linguist from Spain
— Teaching can be assisted in English and Mandarin
— Study at Universidad Nacional Educacción a Distancia Lengua y Literatura Españolas
-4 years of experience teaching at the school
(Colegio Elena Ghiba Birta, Arad, Rumania,Clases particulares de español)
— For each age group, level, and goal.
–Take you through Spanish culture: history, art, music, food, everyday life

🇨🇴 Andre

Spanish and French teachers

– Foreign Languages (English, French and Spanish)
– 10 years of experience in international courses (CLIL, IB, CAMBRIDGE, BASED-ON PROJECTS, BASED-on evidence)
– Has worked as a translator for educational, pharmaceutical, artistic, legal and literary projects
– Is an open-minded, energetic and responsible teacher

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🇹🇼 Stella

French teacher

– More than 5 years of teaching experience (remedial classes, tutoring, online), the number of classrooms broken thousands, a total of about 100 students
– Studied at the University of Grenoble, France
– Experience at the counter of a five-star hotel in French Polynesia
– Belgium’s first Taiwanese-Chinese teaching assistant
– Teaching can be assisted in English and Mandarin
– Integrate teaching into your life and learn it easily and naturally

🇩🇪 Monia

German teacher

-8 years as a German teacher at the International School
-4 years of online teaching experience
-Worked in Austria, Germany, Switzerland
– Has taught students from all over the world, including children and adults
-Adjust the difficulty of teaching according to the student’s ability, including reading, writing, listening and speaking, and language culture

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