Is anime learning Japanese feasible? Feasible, but not sufficient.

What are your opportunities to learn Japanese? For the love of animation, the small editor, hope to understand the original text is the biggest motivation. Although most Japanese animated movies will have Chinese subtitles or Chinese voiceovers, even if they have not learned Japanese can understand the plot, but unfortunately, some only Japanese can feel the smile will disappear in the process of translation, so if you can understand the original text, it is more able to feel the emotions conveyed in the plot and the author’s clever thinking. Like in “Your Name”, the hero ponders whether the self-proclaimed masculinity of “I”, the humble “servant” or the more formal “private”, should have been one of the laughs, but after translation can only be “I”, “I”, “I”, it is a pity.

So, is it feasible to learn Japanese with anime? The small editor thinks, “it is feasible, but not enough” .

– Animation content is the real thing in life, single word collection value is high

Take the A dream as an example, its content is interesting, word-rich, although occasionally there will be some special props proprietary name, but overall is still a very suitable for beginners to learn the teaching material. In the world of cherry pills, dialogue between characters and elders and friends helps beginners learn the use and rules of respect, and the content of the program is old and young. Small editor also like “we this family”, animation content around supermarkets, schools, families, tourism, etc. , are real things in life, single-word collection value is high, can be thematic learning, the application of conversation is also extensive, there is a certain learning value.

Therefore, more close to the life of animation is more suitable for learning Japanese. The above three examples are daily department animation, other such as volleyball junior, tennis prince, meteor garden, four-leaf sister, my youth love story is indeed a problem, and so on.

You can train Japanese listening

In addition to some special circumstances, the voiceover is using the most standard Japanese, and word by word can be heard clearly, there will be no pronunciation of the problem together, can be assured to learn.

If you can already understand 78% after, you can consider listening to the screenless radio drama to practice listening, or look at untitling animation.

Of course, when encountering professional terminology really too many anime, such as spell fightback, work cells and other fantasy, medical department animation, watching this type of untitling series will only hit their own confidence.

As for these only rely on “listening” and can not do what else to say, plus subtitles can be a lot of help, many times you can also find a lot of ordinary useless aids, adverbs, you can write down to see how to use, it is their own learning of new things.

Lack of oral training, less systematic learning

But looking at the animation self-study Japanese, just “self-proclaimed (self)”, “symmetrical (you)”, “he said (third party)” are easy to let people learn. Some anime in order to highlight the character’s characteristics, sometimes let the character whenever and wherever to anyone to say respect, but in fact, real life on the general or friends will not speak respect; Plus, the lack of oral practice in self-study, even if wrong no one reminds you, it is impossible for someone to focus on you. As a result, you may understand that others speak Japanese, but it is difficult to use it for your own use. Therefore, it is also recommended to learn in animation at the same time plus more systematic learning, will not go the wrong way, easier to find their weaknesses and progress.

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