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Intensive English Online Course in uk

Classes are held every day in the UK, designed for people in The UK and Hong Kong, with British teachers, full learning English, rapid improvement of English proficiency, the fastest one year to reach C2 level (proficiency level).

Special Courses - UK Online Intensive English

Course details

Commencement Date: New courses will start on 2 May 2022 (only A2.1 classes will be offered for the time being)

Tuition fee: £250 or HKD$2600

Duration: 4 weeks

Class Time: Every Monday to Thursday 09:00-11:00am (UK Time)

**Friday 09:00-10:00 am English Grammar Workshop, taught by Hong Kong teachers in the United Kingdom, students can review the grammar focus for a week, and any class questions can be asked in Cantonese.

Class size: 3-8 people, maximum 10 people

Target audience: Students aged 16 or above

How to take the class: Online Zoom class, will be in Google Classroom to upload teaching materials and exercises, students can view the course record

How to register:

  1. Complete the online registration form
  2. We will contact you to complete the English proficiency test first
  3. Payment confirmation for classes
  4. Receive textbooks and details one week before the start of the course

Course content

English Proficiency: (level A1-C2)

  • Course A1 (Introductory Level):Able to understand and use daily familiar, specific expressions and very basic statements related to their preferences, they can introduce or ask or answer information about themselves or others about themselves, such as place of residence, interpersonal relationships, possessions, and can only react in a simple way to slow and clear conversations with others.
  • Course A2 (Elementary):Ability to understand expressions or phrases that are often used in the environment that is closest to oneself, such as very basic personal and family information, shopping, regional geography, and employment, simple and routine work that can communicate with people, which usually requires simple and direct daily information, and learners at this level can describe their background and the things closest to their environment in crude words.
  • B1 Course (Intermediate):Be able to understand familiar things such as work, study environment, leisure environment, etc., be able to respond to various possible situations when traveling in the language-using area, can also provide simple relevant information about things that interest or know you, and can also describe experiences, events, dreams, wishes and ambitions, and can make a brief explanation of your opinions or plans.
  • B2 Course (Intermediate to Advanced):Ability to understand the concrete and abstract thrust of complex passages, including skillful discussion of their own specialized areas, and natural and fluent interaction with native speakers of the language. Clear, detailed text can be spoken on a wide range of topics, and explanations and pros and cons can be proposed for a topic, or a variety of ideas.
  • C1 Course (Advanced): Able to understand a wide range of information including requirements, long articles, or implicit meaning, express naturally and fluently without obvious word exhaustion, know how to use language flexibly and efficiently on social, academic, and professional purposes, produce clear and well-structured, detailed text for complex topics, and show easy organization, links, and exquisite strategies.
  • C2 Course (Proficiency Level): Able to easily understand any absorbed information, and make an outline for different written or spoken sources, restructure different arguments, and present expressions that are natural and very fluent, firmly grasping the most exquisite parts of the language, and being able to discern the subtle meanings of the profession in more complex situations

Course Materials:

The course will use the BBC’s Spekout series of teaching materials, with the teacher’s own notes and exercises, to tailor the course for students living in the UK.

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Courses include:

Read, grammar, write, listen and speak in English to prepare for the naturalization test

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Teaching demonstration video

A relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere while learning English efficiently.

Completed in one year English Beginner to Advanced

Course Architecture (A1-C2)

Our course is divided into 6 stages, consisting of A1-C2, a total of 12 courses, the fastest one year can be from the entry level (A1) to the proficiency level (C2).

  • Intensive English Course A1
    • 4 weeks A1.1
    • 4 weeks A1.2
  • Intensive English Course A2
    • 4 weeks A2.1
    • 4 weeks A2.2
  • Intensive English Course B1
    • 4 weeks B1.1
    • 4 weeks B1.2
  • Intensive English Course B2
    • 4 weeks B2.1
    • 4 weeks B2.2
  • Intensive English Course C1
    • 4 weeks C1.1
    • 4 weeks C1.2
  • Intensive English Course C2
    • 4 weeks C2.1
    • 4 weeks C2.2

Course features

  1. Attend classes every day and get used to having conversations in English
  2. Take lessons with local UK teachers and learn authentic Conversational English
  3. Learn to read and write different essays to prepare for the exam
  4. Lots of after-school exercises and homework, and continue practicing after class
  5. An additional free grammar workshop on Fridays allows you to review the week’s content in Cantonese and answer all your course questions
  6. The fastest year can be achieved from the entry level to the proficiency level


Our teachers are rigorously interviewed and trained, hold professional teacher qualifications, are native English speakers in the UK and also have many years of teaching experience. It is important that our teachers are friendly, cordial and fun, so that everyone can learn English in a pleasant learning environment.

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