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Immigration uk rent, UK house prices at a glance – Is life in the UK expensive?

Immigration to the UK / Preparation for Immigration to the UK

I believe that many people’s primary consideration before immigrating to the UK is how to “settle down and buy a house” in the local area, and they will also wonder how the house price in the UK is, is it within their own burden. Some websites have divided the property prices in various parts of the United Kingdom by the average number of feet, the national average price is 366 pounds (about 3,952 Hong Kong dollars), the most expensive London is also cheaper than the New Territories, the price is 729 pounds (about 7,870 Hong Kong dollars), in recent years; the popular north-west region is more flat to 240 pounds (about 2,591 Hong Kong dollars), which shows that the United Kingdom is more cost-effective in terms of buying a house. However, there are many taxes related to property in the UK, such as municipal taxes, asset value-added tax and inheritance tax, which are more expensive.

UK Rent /UK House Rate/UK Property Rate

If you want to rent a house in the UK, you can also refer to the difference between the rents between the two places. According to CBRE’s 2020 Global Living Report, Both Hong Kong and London are among the top 10 cities with the highest rents in the world. Hong Kong ranked 3rd with an average rent of US$2,682 (about HK$20,879), while London ranked 9th with US$1,887 (HK$14,690), with cheaper rents in the UK.

Of course, there are also options for lower house prices in other regions.

Halifax’s survey shows that the most affordable cities in the UK are all in the north, with six in Scotland. None of these cities will have more than six times the average local salary. Scotland’s Stirling, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Perth, Inverness and Dundee. The average house price in the first five cities is about 360,000 to 380,000 pounds, and the average salary of residents is 34,000 pounds to 39,000 pounds.

At the top of the list is the Northern Ireland city of Derry, also known as Londonerry, and the city has been at the top of the list for three consecutive years. The average salary of locals is 33,000 pounds, and the house price is less than 156,000 pounds,

Three cities in the north of England make it into the top ten, carlisle in the north-west and Bradford and Hull in Yorkshire.

In second and third place, Carlisle and Bradford both earn £34,000 in average, with house prices at £163,000 and £164,000 respectively. House prices in both cities are about 4.8 times the salary.

Hull’s average salary is relatively low, only 27,000 pounds, and the local house is also cheap, only 156,000 pounds, second only to the top Londonderry.

As for utilities, numbeo shows that the average is about HK$1,857 in the UK and HK$1,665 in Hong Kong. It is worth noting that although UK rents are relatively flat, Rightmove’s second quarter report said that rents outside Greater London began to rise, surpassing the level of £1,000 (about HK$10,742) for the first time, with the latest average rent of £1,007 (about HK$10,820), and London rents falling year-on-year. If you want to rent a property, note that popular areas such as Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham have seen relatively larger gains.

Regrets of immigrating to the UK? Live immigration to the UK, life in the UK

Don’t let yourself regret it, before deciding to immigrate to the UK, in addition to housing problems, learning the local language is also more conducive to the process of living in a house, checking the website when buying a house, and telephone contact. Couch Potato Education’s online learning platform will launch a new course for Hong Kong people in May, the Online English Intensive Course, which can reach C2 level in one year, and other courses include daily English, IELTS and other English courses, so that students can understand the local culture and language, and become your little helper when you immigrate to the UK!

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