Are you preparing for the DSE exam or IELTS exam? Want to know IELTS Writing Tips or DSE English Essay Skills? In terms of composition, as long as you memorize the three major structures, many essay topics can be easily solved.

1. Opening part

At the beginning of the article, you can add the following words as introductions:

Generally speaking /In general /At large /On average

When it comes to /Speaking of /As far as… is concerned

If students want to quote quotes, proverbs, etc. as an opening scene, they can also embellish them with the following words:

Quoting…/ As the old saying goes…

IELTS Writing/DSE English Composition

2. Text section

When it comes to the text of the article, try to use enumerative words, time modifications, for example,

First: To begin with /In the first place / First of all / In the beginning

Second: Besides /Secondly /Next / In the second place / Moreover /Next

Finally: Lastly /Last but not least /Finally

Most importantly/ It is of utmost importance that

In this day and age/ Nowadays/ currently/ Recently/ At present

So far/ Up to now/ Until today

From xx on: From then on/ From now on

Also, don’t skimp on expressing turns,

Although/although/even/but: Although /Though /Even though /Even if /In spite of /Despite /Regardless of /Notwithstanding /Despite the fact (that) /While /Whereas

If you choose an argumentative essay, before expressing your opinion, you may wish to add: In this aspect / In my opinion / In my view point / Personally / In this regard / According to

3. Epilogue

At the end, the essay should summarize the points made and echo the title to prove that you have completed the questions raised at the beginning. If you add short questions at the end that are not discussed in the article, but are related, make appeals, interrogative sentences or questions, I believe that the article will be resounding. Here are some words you might use in summarizing:

In summary: In a nutshell/I n short /In brief /In conclusion /To conclude /To sum up /As a whole /To make a long story short /To summarize /In summary /To sum up /In a word / In sum

4. Attention

In addition, use more synonyms or synonyms in word selection to avoid reusing the same word too many times in the same article, which is tedious, or makes the examiner think that the number of books / words is insufficient.

For example

Important: important/ crucial/ key/ fundamental/ foremost/ of the essence/ vital/ paramount/ major

Good: Satisfactory/ fine/ superior/ pleasing

Beautiful: attractive/ lovely/ charming/ fetching/ appealing/delightful/nice

Of course, the words should not be shoehorned into the article out of place, the most important thing is to use it properly, with the whimsy and structural display of the text, it will definitely become a plus point and make the examiner’s eyes shine!

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