[British Accent] 4 British everyday words you may not know

What does Alright/All right mean? Knowing this word is very important, as long as you learn “Alright” you can say hello to others and develop your affinity. In books, you may have learned “How are you?” It’s a meet and greet, but few people in the UK will say hello like this, and they will greet them with…

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【Immigration to the UK】Introduction to the UK Naturalization Test

As long as you are over 18 years of age, when you are applying for naturalisation or permanent residence, you will need to demonstrate proof of your English proficiency by qualifying for English B1, B2, C1 or C2 Levels, or by obtaining an all-English-taught undergraduate degree or above in an English-speaking country. If the applicant is 65 years of age or above, or has a long-term physical or mental problem and has obtained a certificate of exemption from a doctor, the Requirement for Proof of English Proficiency will be waived…

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【UK Further Education】How to apply for a UK Master’s degree? What is the application process? 

Before applying to the school, it is recommended to go to the school website to see, the University in the United Kingdom will first list the entry requirement (entry requirement), if you meet the requirements of the application The probability of success is relatively high.
Academic: Most schools require a second upper class grade for a bachelor’s degree, and if it is a higher-ranked school, such as the University of Oxford/Cambridge, it needs a 1st class, and the lower-ranked school may also have a lower requirement, only 2:2 (second lower class).

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【Immigrate to the UK】What should children pay attention to when studying in the UK? How much does it cost to pay for UK tuition fees? British school, British public school

The UK announced that Hong Kong people with BNO passports can apply to immigrate to the UK together with family members. What should children pay attention to when they go to school in the UK? How much does tuition cost a year? Free childcare services are available for young children aged 2 to 4 and Compulsory education for school children aged 5 to 16. It should be noted that the Ordinance stipulates that immigrants can only apply for public schools within the scope of their children’s place of residence, so parents need to weigh the choice of school and place of residence in order to make the most appropriate decision. When applying for a public school, the child needs to be in the UK and submit proof of a valid address.

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Immigration uk rent, UK house prices at a glance – Is life in the UK expensive?

I believe that many people’s primary consideration before immigrating to the UK is how to “settle down and buy a house” in the local area, and they will also wonder how the house price in the UK is, is it within their own burden. Some websites have divided the property prices in various parts of the United Kingdom by the average number of feet, the national average price is 366 pounds (about 3,952 Hong Kong dollars), the most expensive London is also cheaper than the New Territories, the price is 729 pounds (about 7,870 Hong Kong dollars), in recent years; the popular north-west region is more flat to 240 pounds (about 2,591 Hong Kong dollars), which shows that the United Kingdom is more cost-effective in terms of buying a house. However, there are many taxes related to property in the UK, such as municipal taxes, asset value-added tax and inheritance tax, which are more expensive.

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4 ways to remember a word!

4 ways to memorize English words! Memorizing words is the first step in learning English, there is not enough word volume, listening, reading, conversation and other aspects will be limited, for this reason, learning to memorize words efficiently is a shortcut to lay a good foundation in English!
1. Familiar with syllables, help remember and master pronunciation: English as a language, is to communicate and exist, when memorizing words, while learning the correct pronunciation of English, the future can really use it. In addition, by disassembling the syllables of a single word, the difficulty of memorization will also be greatly reduced, allowing students to memorize words more efficiently.

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Can I still learn a language when I missed my childhood?

Kids learning languages? Children learn languages?
Many people believe that in fact, any age can learn English, and in the golden age of learning from 2 to 12 years old, the earlier the learning advantage, the greater the advantage, the greater the obstacle of age, and the more difficult it is to pronounce accurately.
Before the age of four, the brain is in a highly sensitive stage to language, and the mastery of language is not carried out through logical analysis methods such as grammar, but through overall absorption, so it is learned quickly. In addition, children in childhood do not yet have their own sense of independence, and their behavior is more imitating the form of the people around them.

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7 facts about IPA – why don’t you always understand foreigners speaking English?

What are the benefits of learning IPA?
1. Pronounced 100% accurately

After learning IPA, no matter what word, as long as you open the dictionary and look at the phonetic transcription, you can pronounce the correct pronunciation accurately.

2. Improve the fluency of English speech

The IPA teaches you stress and Schwa, as well as English pronunciation rules, and you can pronounce them like a native speaker, as long as you master and practice them.

3. Greatly improve listening skills in a short period of time

Many Hong Kong students may not be able to fully understand the English of foreigners, in fact, it may not be that you lack vocabulary, nor are others speaking it too fast, but you may not know the correct pronunciation of a single word, or the pronunciation rules of English.

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How to prepare IELTS spoken? Share the four major points of study

1. Improve your vocabulary
Try to listen, read, and view relevant words or templates on a particular topic extensively, memorize several new words each time, organize a list of related words in a notebook, and annotate the meaning and example sentences. During the review, you can find useful vocabulary based on major themes such as health, art, and interpersonal relationships, and effectively improve your vocabulary. In addition, you can also contact more synonyms, such as trying to replace important with synonyms such as criucial and paramount, so as to avoid repeated use…….

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Is anime learning Japanese feasible?

What was your motivation to learn Japanese? For the editor who loves anime, hoping to understand the original text is the biggest motivation. Although most Japanese animated films have Chinese subtitles or Chinese dubbing, even if you have not learned Japanese, you can understand the plot, but unfortunately, some laughs that can only be felt in Japanese will disappear during the translation process, so if you can understand the original text, you can feel the emotions conveyed in the plot and the author’s ingenuity.

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