What is IPA?

The International Phonetic Alphabet, or International Phonetic Alphabet, is a globally recognized, Latin-based phonetic system that serves as a standard table for spoken pronunciation.

What are the benefits of learning IPA?

1. Pronounced 100% accurately

After learning IPA, no matter any word, as long as you open the dictionary, look at the phonetic label, you can accurately read the correct pronunciation.

2. Improve the fluency of English speech

The IPA teaches you stress and Schwa, as well as English pronunciation rules, and you can pronounce them like a native speaker, as long as you master and practice them.

3. Greatly improve listening skills in a short period of time

Many Hong Kong students may not be able to fully understand the English of foreigners, in fact, it may not be that you lack vocabulary, nor are others speaking it too fast, but you may not know the correct pronunciation of a single word, or the pronunciation rules of English.

IPA v.s phonics?

Phonics is a natural phonetic method that is designed for foreign children to read and write, but it does not help to listen and pronounce, and the problem that Hong Kong students learn is that they often misread and misspelle words, while IPA avoids these problems altogether.

Only children are suitable for IPA?

Definitely not! Whether children, middle school students, college students, or adults, you can learn IPA!

Where can I learn IPA?

The latest IPA International Phonetic Course is available at Couch Potato Education, which can be found in the course introduction! If you want to learn about the course first, you can also register to download the free PDF introduction!

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