I have been receiving many student inquiries about the requirements and application process of master’s degree in the UK, so let’s share it today!

Master’s degree requirements

Before applying to the school, it is recommended to go to the school website to see, the University in the United Kingdom will first list the entry requirement (entry requirement), if you meet the requirements of the application The probability of success is relatively high.

Academic: Most schools require a second upper class grade for a bachelor’s degree, and if it is a higher-ranked school, such as the University of Oxford/Cambridge, it needs a 1st class, and the lower-ranked school may also have a lower requirement, only 2:2 (second lower class).

English proficiency: Proof of English proficiency is required if english is not your native language, or if you have not completed more than 3 years of coursework in an English-speaking country. For example, if you have completed a bachelor’s degree in the UK for 3 years, you do not need to submit additional certificates. So what certificates can be used? The most common in the UK should be IELTS, most schools require a minimum of 6.5 points or more, some subjects may require more than 7.0, or some engineering departments only need 6.0, but how many points are needed for details should refer to the school website. In addition to IELS, TOFEL or TELF can also be used in general. If your English proficiency is not up to standard, you need to first participate in the English preparation class provided by the school, depending on the difference in scores, to decide how long you will study. I know some students who have obtained 5.5 from IELTS and 6.5 from the school, so the English preparation class has been in about 3-4 months, and they can successfully advance to a master’s degree after passing the exam at the end of the final course, but some students have a poor English level and need to read for one year at the longest time to advance to a master’s degree. However, I have talked to many students who have studied in the English class, and many people feel that the English class has not achieved much success, the English language has not improved much, and it is not enough to learn anything, just to waste time and money to successfully advance to a master’s degree, so it is still recommended that everyone get the ideal score and then enroll.

How to prepare for the English exam IELTS?

IELTS has only a two-year duration, there are academic models (Academic) and general models (General), if it is used for reading, you must apply for the academic model, the details of the two models can be referred to here 。 If students with good English proficiency can actually prepare on their own, they can familiarize themselves with the IELTS question type before the exam, and IELTS’s Past paper is a good choice. If you have little confidence in English, or want to practice with the teacher, there are also many IELTS courses, I will recommend Couch Potato Education’s online IELTS course, you can take a one-on-one class with a local teacher or a foreign teacher, the local teacher will teach the test-taking skills, and then practice speaking with the foreign teacher who speaks English, you can do more with less and quickly pass the exam!

How long will IELTS be prepared? Depending on the score and personal level required, for example, the current level is 5.5 points, which requires 6.0 points, and the improvement of 0.5 points takes only about 1-3 months to achieve, but if you need to improve by 1 point, the preparation time is longer, it may take 3-5 months. However, everyone’s learning ability is different, so the preparation time will also be different.

Master’s application time

General master’s degree admission is in September every year, the earliest can be applied for a year ago, the latest 5-6 months can apply, but if you do not want to rush too much, it is best to apply as early as possible, because the school will generally first out of the Conditional offer, until all the requirements are passed, will issue an unconditional offer .

Documents are required for further studies in the UK

  1. Academic Completion Schedule
  2. Graduation certificate (if it is the last year of university, it is possible to replace the graduation certificate, but it is important to note that the school letter must be submitted first to prove when the official graduation certificate will be issued, at that time I did not accept it because the school letter did not indicate the exact time, and I had to apply for another letter from the school)
  3. Proof of English proficiency
  4. Personal statement (about 1,000 words, about your background, personal experience, awards and achievements, why you applied to this school and department, if you want to have a teacher to help write a better statement, you can refer to here)
  5. 2 letters of recommendation (generally look for university professors, ask them to help write letters of recommendation, if you graduate for a long time, you can also ask your employer to write letters of recommendation, generally universities require two, and some schools only require one)

Master’s Application Process / Application for a UK Master’s Degree

  1. Apply online and submit existing documents
  2. The school issued a conditional offer
  3. Submit the required documents
  4. The school issued an unconditional offer
  5. Apply for visas, accommodation
  6. Get your visa approved and you’re ready to go!

Need to find a study abroad agency for help?

When I first applied, I also found two study abroad agencies to inquire and apply, but because the agents may cooperate with some universities, they introduced me to several universities, but none of them were my favorite schools, so I finally decided to apply by myself. In fact, their own application and intermediary application are the same steps and processes, but the intermediary will help apply for a visa, which is more convenient, but applying for it yourself can save the handling fee, so it still depends on personal wishes.

How much does it cost to study abroad for one year?

Depending on the cost of the city, it will be different, except for London, the city is about the same, about 5000-8000 pounds a year (en-suite single suite in student accommodation), if it is a studio, it will cost about 7000-10000 pounds. If it’s London, the price could be 2 times.
Uk rental housing, room rates can refer to this article

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