The UK announced that Hong Kong people with BNO passports can apply to immigrate to the UK together with family members. Free childcare services are available for young children aged 2 to 4 and Compulsory education for school children aged 5 to 16. It should be noted that the Ordinance stipulates that immigrants can only apply for public schools within the scope of their children’s place of residence, so parents need to weigh the choice of school and place of residence in order to make the most appropriate decision. When applying for a public school, the child needs to be in the UK and submit proof of a valid address.

UK public schools, UK private schools and UK tuition fees

Uk schools are broadly divided into public and private schools, and parents can choose between public or private schools for their children. Free education is available to children enrolled in public schools; attending private schools can also cause large differences in tuition fees in individual schools, depending on the school’s popularity and resources.

When choosing which type of school to enroll in, in addition to paying attention to the difference in tuition fees, the most obvious difference is in the number of students and the teacher-student ratio, and the number of students and the size of the class are also different. Public schools are more numerous, with students ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands, and class sizes are greater, with a single teacher tending to dozens of children.

Private schools, often only a few hundred people, some schools thousands, most of them are small class classes, a teacher corresponds to only a dozen students, the average british private school teacher-student ratio is only 1:9.

Private schools are also better at extracurricular activities than public schools. Although children can experience yoga, football, chess, tennis, ballet and other extracurricular courses in most public and private schools, the 1-on-1 music classrooms, professional sports coaches, and professional mentor dramas that can be provided by private schools are not something that students in general public schools can enjoy.

Parents can check the tuition fee through the website of each school, and some schools will have different quotations for international students or boarders, parents should pay more attention. Moreover, the British government will publish Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) and General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) results every year, as well as Ofsted scores, so that the outside world can grasp the performance of each school, parents may wish to refer to it.

For reference, the following is a rating website for UK primary and secondary schools:

Before deciding to immigrate to the UK, in addition to their children’s further education, parents learning the local language is also more conducive to the process of checking the website and telephone contact when living, food, clothing and housing. Couch Potato Education’s online learning platform will launch a new course for Hong Kong people in May, the Online English Intensive Course, which can reach C2 level in one year, and other courses include daily English, IELTS and other English courses, so that students can understand the local culture and language, and become your little helper when you immigrate to the UK!

British public schools, British private schools
children in the classroom
Studying in the UK and immigrating to the UK

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