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English Placement Test (General English) 英文程度測試

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1. 基礎及初級 (Pre A1-A1)

2. 初中級(A2)

3. 中級(B1)

4. 中高級及高級(B2 and C1)

0–15 =  Pre A1 基礎

15–50 = A1 初級

51–100 = A2 初中級

101-150 = B1 中級

151–185 = B2 中高級

186+ = C1 高級



Get to know your English level in detail! 

The placement test has a multiple-choice format of 200 questions and covers the grammatical structures and vocabulary. If you have some idea of your level, you could direct to answer specific parts of the test.

There are 4 parts in this test. You will have 40 minutes to answer each paper and the passing rate will be 50%.

1. Starter and elementary (Pre A1-A1)

2. Pre-intermediate (A2)

3. Intermediate (B1)

4. Upper Intermediate and advanced (B2-C1)

You will know you English level (Grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary) in detail.

Scoring and placement

0–15 = Pre A1 Starter level

15–50 = A1 Elementary

51–100 = A2 Pre-intermediate

101-150 = B1 Intermediate

151–185 = B2 Upper Intermediate

186+ = C1 Advanced level

It is important to note that the placement test is not official and not designed to test listening, speaking or writing skills. An oral test or written test will help you better understand your English level. After you get the result of the test, you can join other English courses I provided according to your level. Thank you for joining this placement test and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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What Will You Learn?

  • 學生可以了解自己的英文程度和得到建議如何改善英文

Course Content

English Placement Test (General English) 英文程度測試

  • Starter and Elementary level 初級
  • Pre-intermediate level 初中級
  • Intermediate level 中級
  • Upper Intermediate and Advanced level 中高級及高級

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